At BCAP, we believe investing in alternative investments requires selective decision-making based on solid choices. Choices unlimited by a small number of alternative investment options, like with most firms. Choices that, instead, stem from access to multiple alternative investment managers and a wide array of investment options all tailored to the individual needs of our accredited and qualified investors. Because when it comes to alternative investments, we understand that choice is one potential step closer to success.

Diversifying your portfolio to include Alternative Investments can enhance returns while reducing risk.

Long-Term Investing
Investment returns, if any, may take a substantial amount of time to be realized. You should assume that distributions from Private Equity funds may not be realized for several years, while the life of the fund usually is 7-10 years. Most Hedge Funds and Funds of Funds restrict investor withdrawals to monthly, quarterly, or even once yearly.

Limited Liquidity
Most offerings are made in the form of limited partnership interests, which cannot be transferred or sold without serious financial consequences. Private Equity Funds and Exchange Funds have very strict guidelines regarding exit requests, and usually do not grant any request even if based on an extraordinary event due to lack of liquidity. Hedge Funds and Funds of Funds typically have a lock-up period of one year followed by redemption opportunities on a quarterly or monthly basis.

To view documents detailing specific Breidenbach Capital Consulting, LLC alternative investments, you must have over $100,000 in your BCAP advised account, your account must be over 45 days in tenure, and as dictated by securities regulations you must qualify as an Accredited Investor and/or a Qualified Purchaser. Investors must meet one of the regulatory definitions.